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Demand Pattern for Apartments in Loves Park

by | Jan 25, 2020 | Apartments in Loves Park

Timing is everything when it comes to renting an apartment; so when is the best time to rent, you ask? Well, that depends on a few defining factors, such as when most renters are moving and in turn searching for apartments in Loves Park, and when the market is cost effective. If you’re like us (and I assume you are), you’re looking for the best apartment for the best deal at the best time. Easier said than done, I know. But with a little information on the rental market and its seasonal changes, you’ll be sure to land the apartment of your dreams at the right time for the right price.

What Month Are Most Renters Looking to Rent?

Many people preparing to move (60% in fact) choose to move and look for a new apartment during the summer, typically May through September. These warmer months are a popular time to move and rent an apartment for various reasons. For instance, graduates are looking for their apartments in Loves Park near their new job and families are moving when their kids have a break from school.

Regardless of the scenario, the rental market follows this trend accordingly, so you can expect the cost of rent to increase during these summer months. Without considering budget, moving during the summer seems like a logical choice, right? It’s a transition period for a lot of people, not to mention it’s easier to move your belongings when it’s warm outside, rather than cold and snowing.

What is the Best Month for Saving Money on Rent?

If May through September is when rent skyrockets, then you’re left with October through April to find the best deal on an apartment. Out of these months, it’s been shown that winter is actually your best bet for getting more bang for your buck in the rental world.

You likely won’t have as many units to choose from because most people moved in during the summer. But with whatever vacancies the apartment community does have, the property manager is more likely to give you a move-in special, discount, or good deal on rent so that they can get their remaining units occupied. The higher the demand for apartments in Loves Park, the higher the cost, so if the demand for apartments is lower in December through February, then the cost of rent will also be lower.

Best Time of the Month to Search and Sign a Lease

Ideally, you should begin to look for an apartment 30 to 60 days before you plan to move. If you want to move in February, then the best time to begin your apartment search is in December or January. You want to give yourself enough time to find an apartment, while still searching at the most strategic time.

Because most renters’ leases expire at the end or beginning of the month, you’ll likely have the most options to choose from if you sign a lease accordingly, right after the previous tenant has moved out and the apartments in Loves Park has been cleaned and prepped for the next tenant. Getting first pick is definitely a plus.

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