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Reasons Why Apartments in Loves Park is Better than a House

by | May 20, 2019 | Apartments in Loves Park |

Today there are many Illinoisans that are choosing to live in an apartment or unit compared to living in a house and there’s good reason why. Here are great reasons why you might choose to live in an apartment over a house.

1. Little or no maintenance. One of the big advantages of living in apartments in Loves Park is the limited amount of maintenance that tends to come with it. With many single professionals and city workers choosing to live in units or apartments, they don’t necessarily have a lot of time for things like gardening, making these types of housing more appealing. Also, for new apartments, appliances are generally brand new so there should be no hassle with this, but if there is you can easily get in touch with the property manager to sort this out.

2. Low cost. Apartments in Loves Park can work out more affordable, especially when it comes to the rent and bills. As an apartment tends to be a lot smaller than a house, less money is required for gas and electricity to heat the area. Apartments are also built compactly, meaning that you can save money on heating your apartment during the colder months, whilst any newer builds also tend to be more energy efficient.

The rent in a house also tends to be more expensive than an apartment, depending on the number of people sharing it. If there are just two of you, then a house may not be as beneficial.

3. Prime location. One reason that many people enjoy living in units and apartments is the fact that these apartments tend to be ideally located close to local amenities such as shops and schools as well as near public transport making commuting to work quick and easy.

4. More amenities. One beauty about apartment living is for some there comes the added benefit of extra amenities that you can make full use of. You apartment might come with access to a gym, BBQ areas, swimming pool, sauna, tennis courts etc. By living in an apartment that comes equipped with a gym, you can potentially save money by not having a gym membership, whilst having the convenience of having these facilities close by.

You might also find that living in an apartment with amenities tends to be more sociable, allowing you to meet many more people.

Many apartments also come with secure underground parking, saving you from costs of road parking and giving you more peace of mind.

Apartments in Loves Park block usually have a number of entry modes making it more difficult for thieves to access, especially if you live in a higher level apartment. There might be the main gate, main building door, access for the lift and then your apartment door. Apartments usually have a buzzer to let people in.

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